Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I woke up this morning with butterflies because today is the day I was supposed to hear back from one of the agencies I really wanted to be represented by. Some agencies receive too many queries to reply to all of them, but I thought I remembered this one being one that actually emailed you even if they didn't want to work with you.

I almost had a euphoric feeling as I contemplated what it would be like for them to first, ask for the complete manuscript of my novel, and second, to want to sign me. I even got a phone call from an unknown number, answered it, and when I didn't recognize the voice or the name of the person calling, for a brief half second thought, "This could be it!"

But it was just someone asking if I was going to attend a baby shower this weekend. Sad.

After that incident, I decided to look in my email and read about their response policy again, and it turns out, I was wrong about them responding even with a rejection.

If after six weeks, no response is received, assume it's a rejection. Guess what? Today is exactly six weeks since I sent the query.

So, I've got another rejection under my belt.


  1. It will happen. Being a mom should help with patience, and now you have one more thing to help you learn what a virtue patience is :)

  2. SO excited about your new blog! And so excited to one day soon read that you got an agent! When is your writer's conference?