Friday, October 15, 2010

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel is a prequel to The Mortal Instruments series, so I'll start with those. Right after I had my daughter, my sister brought me The Mortal Instruments series to read during the first six weeks of motherhood where you mostly hold your child while sleeping, eating, watching television, and pretty much everything else.

Unfortunately, it took me months to get into the first book. I have memories of reading the first few chapters in the middle of the night because my daughter was up and I was sick of T.V., but I just couldn't get into it.

One of the reasons is probably because I was so sleep-deprived, but another is because I love first person. It's easy to jump into and really connect with the main character. These books are written in third person, which is great, but it always takes me longer to get attached to the characters in the way that drives me to choose picking up the book over T.V., cleaning, cooking, etc.

Over time though, I really got into the series and loved it. Cassandra Clare goes into great detail, which really helps build the fictional world. Sometimes I think there's too much detail and I tend to gloss over a lot, but that's a personal thing.

So recently, the same sister lent me Clockwork Angel. It took me a few days to get invested in the story, but I eventually did. Cassandra's writing was just as good as in the Mortal Instruments and it was evident she did a lot of research for the story.

I definitely recommend the read, I just have one bit of complaint.

In a series, I feel each book should be a story in and of itself, and I feel that story needs to be concluded. Sure, a few loose ends need to be involved in order to continue with the story, but when I finish one of the books, I should feel a little bit of closure. I like cliffhangers at the ends of chapters, but not at the end of a book when the sequel won't be available for an entire year.

I'm going to use Shiver and Linger as examples, and it contains spoilers, so beware. At the end of Shiver, Sam turns human and we find out he's human so we have a little sense of closure there, but then at the end of Linger, Grace disappears through a window covered in blood. We can assume she's a wolf now, but we don't know if she's going to die. I don't feel like the main storyline was ended as it was in Shiver.

Same with Clockwork Angel. It's been a while since I read the Mortal Instruments, but I remember feeling like each book ended; whereas, with CA, I still have that sense of "I'm going to go home today and finish that book. Oh wait, crap. I already finished it." No closure.

I texted my sister about this, and she responded with, "But that's what a cliffhanger is." So maybe it's just me...


  1. I'm excited to read this blog! I love to know what youa re reading AND that you are writing...I need a good series to read, I may check out a couple you mention here...