Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

The Off Season is the sequel to Dairy Queen. I really enjoyed it. Looking back, I see it in two parts. The first half is very much like the first novel--a teenage girl trying her best to figure out what life's all about and she just wants to be normal. But the second half takes a turn for the depressing, but all-in-all, it ends up pretty inspirational.

The "voice" I loved so much in the first book was definitely carried over. I really enjoyed reading the way the main character described things.


One thing I'm still sad about though is what happened between her (D.J.) and her love interest (Brian). It was actually a bit of fresh air considering a lot of stories and movies are about a girl getting the most popular boy in school -- kind of an underdog story if you will. But in this book, D.J. realizes that Brian is not strong enough to tell his friends how he feels about D.J. and therefore he doesn't deserve her. I completely agree that she deserves better. But the me inside (the me when I was a teenager) wanted her to listen to his apologies; to give him another chance. The me when I was single would have let Brian use me and sneak around behind everyone's backs just to be able to kiss him one more time.

I'm glad D.J. is stronger than I was and she's a great example to girls out there. She would have been a great example to the teenage me.

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