Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Numbers

This week was the first full week of my writing resolutions.

Goal: 16,000 new words

Tally: 3,760 new words

I suck. I think this explains why it took me two years to write my first book.

Also, I was perusing author blogs and found a writer who also has a goal of 2,000 words a day. But she's like the kind of writer who gets paid for writing. You know that kind? The kind without a 40-hour a week job and single-parenting every evening for 2+hours. Okay so I don't know her life, but still...

So after my utter, utter failure, I think I need to prune back my expectations a bit to 500-1,000 words a day. Let's see how that goes.

And on the weightloss front. Let's just say I didn't do any better with that than I did with the writing.

1 comment:

  1. aw poo! So good that you post things like this so you can be really happy about your goals when you reach them!