Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Writing Endeavors

Hello 2012 blogging world. How are you?

I've been in a reading/writing slump for the past few months. The last book I read was technically in 2011. And it was the sequal to Paranormalcy; Supernaturally.

I really, really want to pick up The Scorpio Races and I can't wait until the sequal to Divergent comes out. Soon! So I'm hoping those books will get me out of my reading slump.

Onto my writing slump. Even though I haven't gotten any leads on publishing my only finished novel, Immersed, I came up with some really good ideas about the sequal to it. I've only written a few hundred words. I'm really excited about the storyline, but I just can't make myself sit down and write.

I think the problem is confidence. So to battle that, I'm planning to enter a few short story writing contests. I've never done it before and I'm really excited about entering.

Wish me luck!

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