Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Dark and Hollow Places

I don't know if it's school starting or the fact that Halloween decorations are already on the store shelves, but I was hit recently with an intense need for a good, dark book.  And I remembered that I never read the third installment of the FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH trilogy by Carrie Ryan.

THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES filled my need. I said this with the other two books, but I'm going to say it again. These books are less about zombies and more about the people who survive in a world full of zombies.  It was perfect.  It may have been my favorite of the whole series.  Now that's something.

The main character, Annah, wasn't just faced with zombies. She was faced with a hard past, the inability to forgive herself for past mistakes, physical scars all over her body, OH, and an island full of corrupt and evil humans who watch people fight zombies in a cage for fun.

It was an impossible world and she was a strong character who didn't quit fighting for what she wanted. And the love interest, it was perfect. There was a perfect mixture of uncertainty and reasons why the two of them couldn't be together. But they didn't care about those reasons and fought for each other any way.

It's my recommendation for a fast, Fall read.

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